13 Easy ways to clean Cuisinart coffee maker

how to clean Cuisionart coffee maker

Cuisinart coffee maker is a very common product in every household and many of the owners often get worried about how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker. Worry not guys, it’s super simple and easy. Read on this article to find out how to clean Cuisionart coffee maker.

13 Easy ways to clean Cuisinart coffee maker Below..

Vinegar Solution

Vinegar solution is a safe liquid and it’s very useful to clean Cuisinart coffee maker.

Clean Water Reservoir

Decalcify the water reservoir if you start to get a bitter taste. At first, empty the grounds and carafe. Then dump the paper filters or coffee grounds. Now, with water and white vinegar fill the water reservoir. If your coffee maker has the Clean button then press its On/Off button for beginning the process. But if there is no self-clean function on it then manually run the brew cycle. Repeat this cycle for several for a deep clean.

The vinegar-water mixture cleaning cycle should be enough to clean your coffee maker. At last, use cold water for rinsing. Then cool the machine and fresh water-filled water tank run brew cycle.

Wash coffee makers last parts

Turn the machine off and make sure it’s fully cool. Now, remove the carafe and filter basket.  Later, with soapy warm water wash all removable items and dry them fully. Then, wash the carafe, filter basket, and any other items by using a sponge, warm water, and soap. Later, rinse and air-dry the pieces and place them back in your coffee machine. While drying the pieces, wipe your coffeemaker body by using a damp dishcloth for cleaning the rest part of the machine.

Use a damp cloth and dishwashing soap to remove any stains. Then rinse the damp cloth for wiping down the heating plate with water which will rinse the soap off. Reassemble your coffee machine and let them fully dry. Then assemble all of the pieces.


Bleach can be used for cleaning only the exterior part of your coffee machine. Create a mixture of warm water and mild bleach and wipe the outside of the machine.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used to clean the coffee maker. Mix a cup of warm water and baking soda (¼ cup). Then soak all the pieces of your machine on the mixture and scrub all the pieces. Then let them dry. Later reassemble them.

clean Cuisinart coffee maker with dish soap

Dish Soap

Dish soap-warm water mixture can be useful for cleaning your coffee maker. Use the dish soap fragrance-free. Like the baking soda solution follow the same steps for cleaning.


A salt mixture can be useful while decalcified your coffee maker. Table salt is ideal. Follow the same procedure as the baking soda one to clean your coffee maker.

Lemon Juice

It’s an alternative to a vinegar solution. The water and lemon juice is an effective and quick way for cleaning the Cuisinart coffee maker. This also follows the same cleaning method as others.


clean Cuisinart coffee maker with vodka

A great alternative for cleansing is hard alcohol and Vodka works pretty well. So, use a 1/3 ratio of vodka onto the water. Afterward, for 3/4 time flush the whole system.

Clean every time

You may require to clean your Cuisinart coffee maker every time you use it. So, follow the user manual for cleaning.


The cleaning process of the Cuisinart coffee maker is really easy. Clean your Cuisinart coffee maker regularly for keeping it in the best condition possible and it will last for years will give you tasty coffees. Comment below if this article helps you to Clean your Cuisinart coffee maker.

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