Beat the Thieves – Keep Your Tech Secure at Home

Most people know the risks of leaving their laptops, smartphones, and other valuables unsecured in public places. However, many people don’t realize that their homes are just as vulnerable to thieves looking to take advantage of the latest technology.

But no fuss about that! If you hold your home gadgets dear, there is sufficient information about how to protect your tech at home. It is also crucial to keep up with emerging criminal trends.

You may take note of these few methods that you can use to secure your tech:

1. Secure the Doors

Thieves can enter your home through unlocked doors and windows and steal your valuables, including tech devices. Keeping your doors locked can help prevent thieves from entering your home and stealing your belongings.

In addition, you can install smart locks, reinforce your doors or install strike plates to add door security. You can also install door alarms and cameras.

2. Get a Safe

A home safe is a great way to keep your devices and other valuables in one place. Some safes have a built-in charger to keep your devices charged and ready to go. You can also find safes with a built-in dehumidifier to help protect your devices from moisture damage.

A thief in a hurry will have no time to find means of breaking into a safe.

3. Use Home Automation

By automating your home, you can keep your family and possessions, such as tech gadgets, safe from thieves and other criminals. Here are some ways you do that:

  • Automated locks: You can set them to lock automatically when you leave the house and only allow entry to authorized persons.
  • Automated alarms: You can set them off when someone tries to break in or when there is an unfamiliar motion in your home.
  • Automated cameras: You can set them to record any activity and send alerts if something happens.

4. Use camouflage

Thieves are looking for easy targets, and by making your tech less visible, you make it a less appealing target. There are several ways to use tech camouflage; the best method will vary depending on your situation. Here are some examples:

  • Hiding the wiring since exposed wires are an easy way for thieves to disable your security system.
  • Painting or netting your outdoor security cameras camouflages them to match their surroundings. That will make them much less visible to thieves.

5. Use Trackers

Using trackers can help beat thieves and keep your tech secure at home. By tracking the location of your devices, you can ensure that they are always within reach and that you can quickly recover them if they are ever lost or stolen.

In addition, by keeping track of your usage patterns, you can more easily spot potential security risks and take steps to mitigate them.


By observing these simple guidelines, you can help keep your tech devices secure at home and avoid becoming a victim of theft. Remember, thieves are always looking for easy targets, so the more you can do to make your home and belongings less appealing to them, the better.

Timothy Pourner
Timothy Pourner
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