How To Put Your Smart Home On The Market?

Smart homes is a buzzword that is here to stay. Going beyond Alexa and other virtual assistant technology to include smart locks, remote climate control, and camera systems, smart technology can be a home selling advantage. However, it’s not as simple as listing your home’s smart home features and letting potential buyers figure out the rest. Not all buyers will understand the advantages of smart home technology, and some may even be discouraged by the extras that a smart home offers. Marketing a smart home has some factors to be aware of, and while you real estate will advise you, these are some key points to keep in mind.

Work with an agent who specializes in smart tech

Real estate agents all have a niche and if you want to get the most of your smart home, it’s a good idea to work with a real estate agent who specializes in selling smart homes. This agent will not only know your market, but understand which smart technology features and brands are hot. If you are thinking of adding smart features to help market your home, asking an agent first can help you invest in the best technologies. An agent can also help target your home to those buyers who may be most interested in smart technology.

Keep it simple

Smart technology features can be complex when it comes to explaining how they work and the many ways different hardwares can interact. To market these features when selling your home, you’ll want to explain what buyers need to know while keeping it simple, for example, talking about how a smart thermostat can help a buyer set the home’s temperature automatically. This is the best way to appeal to a wide range of buyers. 

Know your metrics

To use smart home technology as a strong selling feature, more than talking about features and how they can help buyers streamline processes in their home, you’ll want to share metrics. For example, how your energy bill went down after switching to a smart thermostat. Showing concrete numbers can help buyers see the advantages of buying a home with smart technology.

Consider including smart tech personal property as a bonus

Many smart home systems are personal property that doesn’t automatically count as part of the home sale. Examples are Google Home or Nest, or camera and lock systems. Some sellers might list these as extras, or you can decide to bundle them as part of your home’s sale price. Your real estate agent can advise you about the best way to price smart tech to be competitive with other sellers.

There’s no doubt that smart home features can be an asset when selling a home. Different strategies can help you get the most out of the technology and find buyers who will appreciate having modern features. A real estate agent who follows tech trends can help guide you to the best outcome.

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Timothy Pourner

Timothy Pourner

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