2023 Interior Design Trends

Invigorating your living space with an updated design can make your home feel brand new. With 2023 underway, it can feel like a tricky task to change your interiors with trending and modern pieces that are also easy in our peaceful environment. Look no further for our top 2023 interior design trends.

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The first prediction for 2023 interior design trends is a continuation of the earthy look that trended in the previous year. Earthy tones, with particular attention to browns, terracotta, mauve, and pink hues, will be the trendiest shades this year.

When selecting a color palette for your updated home décor, go for rusty colorways to ensure you are on-trend this year. Think desert sands, creamy caramels, and rich oxblood for a moody yet earthy aesthetic you won’t resist. Incorporate dusty pink shades for an injection of softness you can’t deny.

Formal elegance

Old trends such as rounded shapes and mid-century modern designs are heading out of style, while a focus on formal, highly detailed pieces will be trending. Think luxurious furniture design and accent pieces to offset the overly laid-back vibe that the pandemic dawned on all of us.


In past years there has been a trend of using natural elements to decorate your home. In 2023 the prediction is a resurgence of utilizing concrete as a home décor material. Raw and unfinished concrete will be a game changer in your design when considering the function and an industrial aesthetic.

Don’t feel like replacing your flooring or countertops to fit this trend? Try incorporating concrete in other ways, like adding a funky concrete vase or tray to your space. Other natural elements will still be a trend this year as well. Use wooden, leather, stone, and other sustainable materials for an updated look.

Iron and silver

Golden and bronze hues trending in the latest years are heading out, while iron and silver hardware are about to have their moment. Accent your space with these moody options for a modern upgrade. We like to think of hardware in your home as the jewelry of your design. It’s the finishing touch that gives the awe-worthy moment to your design. Upgrading your hardware is also a great, reasonably inexpensive option to transform the look of your home.

Go glass

Our final prediction for trending interior design in 2023 is colored and statement glass elements. Whether you incorporate this trend in lighting, décor pieces, or furniture, the colored glass will be the perfect pop of color your space craves. Mosaic designs are also trending this year, so incorporating some statement glass into a mosaic will keep your area fresh and updated for 2023

By: Olivia Forgette

Timothy Pourner
Timothy Pourner
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