5 Ways to Keep Kids safe from Kitchen

Children learn how things work by exploring their environment. Here are a few tips to keeping your home a safe environment for young explorers on the prowl and a review of safety measures for older children who already know the basics. Whether your stovetop and oven are separate or one appliance, follow these five tips, from best casino online Australia, to beat the heat and cook safely.

  1. Never Leave the Stove Unattended

The most effective way to keep your child safe when the oven or stove is in use is to never leave it unattended. Even turning your back for a moment could have disastrous consequences. It is easier to keep an eye on the stove when your baby is young and unable to crawl. But once your little one is mobile and more interested in their surroundings, plan to contain them or keep them out of the kitchen while you cook. We suggest getting a kitchen tower, sometimes known as a kitchen helper or kitchen step stool, as it allows older children to stay in the kitchen safely. Put it near a counter while you cook, and give your child a special cooking project to work on.

  1. Get an Oven Lock

As your baby grows into a toddler, they begin to reach and grab onto things. An oven door handle is the perfect thing to hold onto, but it can lead to catastrophe. If you have an oven close to the ground, you may want to look into an oven lock. An oven lock will prevent your child from pulling the door down, a measure that is especially important if the oven is hot.

  1. Remove Your Stove Knobs

The greatest concern with ovens and stovetops is the hot surfaces. Prevent your toddler from activating your stove or oven by detaching your stove knobs. It may seem terrifying to yank them off, but most stove knobs will come right off with a simple pull. You can place the knobs in a basket or container on the counter if you plan to keep them off for an extended period. If keeping track of the stove knobs is too much hassle, consider investing in some stove knob covers. These cover the knob and prevent it from being turned.

  1. Get a Stove Guard

Do you love being in the kitchen but have a hard time keeping your kids out when you’re cooking? A stove guard may be right for you. Stove guards come in multiple styles, but the principle is the same. The guard encloses the stovetop so only those of a certain height can access it. Some stove guards are made of plastic, while others are metal grates. This is a method used by many and platforms like best online casinos for Americans recommend it.

  1. Be Careful Carrying Hot Food

You may think the danger is over once you turn off the stove. However, transporting food can be just as dangerous. You could turn too fast and drop hot food on or near a child. Children could grab you, causing hot liquids to rain down on them. Even placing a plate that is too hot in a child’s hands can cause burns. Always be careful when transporting hot food and dishes, especially if transporting food from the heat source to another area.

Timothy Pourner

Timothy Pourner

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