5 Best Countries to Work Abroad in 2022

Working abroad can be a profound experience to grow both personally and in your career. Find the perfect destination for you to work abroad and learn the legal requirements to get employed in each country. As researched by australia best real money casinos.

1. New Zealand

If you’re a young adult looking to expand your perspective through a grand adventure and plan to fund it with intermediate work along the way, New Zealand may be the perfect destination for you! From adventure sports companies to tour operators to farmers, there are seemingly endless short-term and seasonal employment opportunities throughout the country. In addition to the thriving tourism industry, New Zealand has no language barrier for English speakers. Additionally, Kiwis are extremely friendly, and most travellers find it quite easy to adapt to life in New Zealand as a result. The country is also well known for its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle, making it the perfect spot for adventure-seekers.

New Zealand regularly ranks among the happiest countries globally, including a 9th place ranking on The Global Economy 2020 Happiness index. The laid-back culture and emphasis on a healthy work-life balance create a truly unique atmosphere. It can be challenging to find long-term work contracts in New Zealand as an ex-pat, so many travellers work for a season to fund a season of full-time travel, then repeat.

2. The Netherlands 

A favourite destination among ex-pats for its quality of life and work-life balance, the Netherlands is another excellent option for working abroad. The Netherlands actively seeks out international entrepreneurs and has many great programs to help them invest in local companies or start their own businesses, big and small. The Netherlands is a safe country with great social programs and a strong economy, leading to its fifth-place ranking on the 2020 Happiness index. Additionally, the Netherlands is on the cutting edge of research and academia, and ex-pats will find abundant opportunities to work in these fields. With a strong focus on sustainable energy and a clean environment, the Netherlands is also a great place to find work in tech or energy.

Working in the Netherlands requires a company sponsor for non-European citizens, and the cost of living is relatively high, so this is a destination for career-minded international workers and is not as suitable for short-term or temporary work.

3. South Korea

South Korea has gained recognition as a destination for work abroad recently, and justly so. The combination of globally acclaimed pop culture, world-class cuisine, a thriving economy, and high wages make Korea one of the best countries to work overseas. While all types of jobs are available to international workers, especially those fluent in English, South Korea stands out as one of the best destinations to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). Whether employed by the Korean Ministry of Education (EPIK) program or a private institution, English teachers will be paid a highly competitive wage and find students eager to learn. Additionally, work benefits and the low cost of living in Korea provide teachers with a high standard of living and the opportunity to build savings.

4. Australia 

Australia consistently ranks highly as a country with excellent quality of life, standards of living, and overall happiness. Additionally, it holds a top-10 Human Development Index (HDI) ranking, globally. People here enjoy a great work-life balance – and it is not hard to enjoy your time outside the office in such a beautiful country. Even though the cost of living is quite high in Australia, ex-pats can still live comfortably thanks to the relatively high minimum wage. Australia is an excellent choice for travellers looking for a work exchange experience. With an easy visa scheme, Australia is one of the most convenient countries to find a work exchange program. Organizations like World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) align volunteers with farms in exchange for food and board. Want to know more about beauty, health, and online games, online slots real money.

5. Germany

As one of the leading economies globally (per GDP) and among the largest exporters of goods, Germany is filled with incredible opportunities for career-minded people looking to work abroad, especially engineers. Many global corporations have offices in Germany, meaning there are opportunities for English-speaking positions, although the job hunt will be more challenging. Fortunately, most Germans have a strong English proficiency, so the language barrier is manageable.

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