6 Tricks to Make Your Home More Lively

Figuring out how to make your house feel like home is, more than anything, about figuring out how to make your home cozy. Only you know what truly makes you feel warm, safe, and happy, but brainstorming on what those things are and then coming up with ways to incorporate them into your house or apartment is the first step toward nurturing a sense of home. Here are some ideas to get you started via experts from real money online casino Australia.

  1. Let there be light

There’s nothing worse than a dark and gloomy space so if you want to make your nest look more inviting, do all you can to make it appear lighter. Wash away grime from windows to let in more outside light, use bright or light-colored curtains and add mirrors in strategic locations. Get yourself lighting fixtures that throw warm and soft glows across rooms.

  1. Decorate with what you love

Personalizing your space is all about including the stuff you love. If you’re into antiques or art, buy items along those lines and use them to decorate your rooms. If you love books, set a space aside just for your tomes. You could get bookshelves made in an antique style and fill them up with your collection.

  1. Mixing up your furniture

Mix and match your furniture to keep things interesting. You could get a stylish mirror and hang it up instead of wall decorations. Or, you could team up your contemporary chairs with a vintage settee.

  1. Make a statement with your entry

Most folks tend to focus on interiors and not entrances. But, giving importance to the entry way says a lot about how you view your home. If you have stairs leading up to your house, choose to get a stylish banister. Or, decorate your door with an antique knocker.

  1. Deep clean

Giving your home a good cleaning makes an instant difference. Begin from a certain room and slowly proceed to the rest of your house, throwing out useless junk and clearing away clutter. Clean items and spaces that are hidden to prevent them spreading their dust and grime everywhere else.

  1. Choose relaxing color combinations

Soothing colors are known to relax the mind and body so try to combine hues that complement each other. Colors that go well together are cream and indigo, lime yellow and tangerine, aqua blue and sea foam green, blue and white, gold and deep red, dark purple and lavender and light pink and chocolate brown. This will improve your gaming experience at casino en ligne france fiable.

  1. Lead a simpler life: Remove electronic clutter

While snazzy gadgets and devices ease our workload and help us stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family, give away or discard stuff you no longer use. If you have old monitors and keyboards lying around, find a way to reuse them – maybe there’s a shelter that would take them or maybe you could reuse them in another room.

  1. Create photo collages

Pictures make perfect memories so get out your photo album and select shots that mean something to you. Buy cheap picture frames and arrange your photos on a wall like how you would when making a collage. If you don’t have enough family pictures, use whatever catches your fancy.

Timothy Pourner
Timothy Pourner
Timothy is a DIY enthusiast and home decorator who loves sharing tricks and tips to make your home look its best. From planting flowers to painting walls, he's got you covered. But don't just take his word for it - check out his blog and see for yourself what makes him such an innovative and exciting homemaker.

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