8 Items That Should Never End Up in a Washing Machine

Here are a few things you should never put in the washing machine, according to best Australia online casino:

  1. Anything covered with pet hair

If you’ve got cats and dogs running around, you will no doubt be aware that the hair seems to get everywhere — particularly on your clothes. And while it can be all too tempting to just chuck your fur-filled items into the drum, you really shouldn’t. Even if it comes off in the wash, all that shedding doesn’t just magically disappear. It will have been transferred to your machine, either sticking to the walls until it leaves on other items or clogging up the drain. In either case, it’s not ideal.

  1. Memory foam pillows

Most synthetic, cotton and even down pillows can go in the washer, (see our guide on how to wash a pillow for more info on this), but memory foam generally can’t. The foam is too delicate and can be torn easily by the process. Even if you opt for no spin, you’ll just end up with a heavy, wet mess, so avoid it. You should also avoid shoes like football boots.

  1. Loose bras

Loose bras are another article of clothing to avoid in your washing machine. This is because the wash can ruin the shape of the bra as well as damage it’s underwire. On top of that, the metal clasps can easily snag and tear other items in the load during the cycle. We recommend using a laundry bag, such as the Polecasa Mesh Laundry Bags ($7, Amazon (opens in new tab)), when you wash your bras in the washing machine. Or stick to hand washing if you want to play it safe. See our guide on how to wash bras for full guidance.

  1. Open zippers

If you run your finger along an open zipper, you will notice each of the teeth catching your skin as you do — the effect will be much the same in a washing machine. If your zippers are unzipped during a wash cycle, they can catch and damage other items — especially anything delicate — and scratch the inside of the drum too. Zip up your zippers to the top to avoid this mistake, however you should leave any buttons unbuttoned. This will put less pressure on the thread during the wash cycle, so you won’t be googling how to sew on a button so often.

  1. Swimwear

While the care label may say your swimsuit is machine washable, you’re better off washing it by hand if you want it to last. The material will stretch and sag when subjected to a washing cycle, meaning it will lose its shape over time. Whether the material is made from nylon or spandex, it can easily catch on other items in the load as well, such as zippers or clasps. So to avoid damage and disappointment, wash gently by hand instead.

  1. Flammable stains

We all know washing machines are designed to remove everyday stains, but anything coated in a flammable residue should never go in there, according to casino nz. This includes stains such as cooking oil, gasoline, alcohol, motor oil, or anything which could catch fire. You don’t want these fluids in your washing machine because they’re a fire hazard — and the same can definitely be said for your clothes dryer.

  1. Embellished items or lace

If it’s covered in sequins, odds are it’s going to be damaged in the washing machine. Even if you turn the item inside out, there are countless threads which can be pulled or caught during the cycle. If the embellishments are glued on, that won’t help either as the high temperature can melt the adhesive.

  1. Single, heavy items

If you throw a single pillow or a weighted blanket into your washing machine, you might encounter some problems when it comes to the spin cycle. If the load isn’t evenly balanced, your washing machine will struggle to pick up the speed to start spinning. In fact, it could quite possibly damage itself by throwing the weight of the single item across the drum as it tries.

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